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May 2012

Travel Medicines

What is good for the goose is not good enough for the gander.

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90_June_2012_445.jpg In preparation for our trip, we both made an appointment with our doctors for advice, immunizations, etc. I had my appointment first and was expecting an easy, quick appointment since we had most of the vaccinations needed for travel. Boy, was I wrong. My doctor prescribed cippro for stomach issues that might result from eating foreign food and also Zithromax because it can be more effective in Asia for stomach problems. (She didn't explain why.) As she was talking to me, she ordered a polio booster and the nurse injected me as we were discussing/arguing over malaria pills. I had researched our areas of travel and they were all deemed safe by the CDC. My doctor insisted that they were absolutely necessary and I MUST take the malaria pills for my own safety. The appointment ended with an additional prescription for a Typhoid immunization. Five prescriptions/treatments later I was out the door. I immediately sent a text to Dan and told him that he had better schedule an appointment with his doctor because apparently we needed quite a few meds/immunizations.
Fast forward to Dan's appointment on Friday. Dan has his little visit and when I see him at home that night I ask him how it went. His doctor prescribed Cippro to take along on the trip. Ok. AND????? That was it. Pretty funny, right? Know what is even funnier? We have the same doctor.

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