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Is it possible to pack for 30 days using only a carry-on and a backpack?

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I think that Dan and I might be over thinking packing just a bit. Collectively, we've spent way too much money on gizmos, gadgets, luggage, and clothing for this trip. We do this every time we travel and is a necessary part of the process. We like to have options, lots of options. Do I need 100 GB of storage capacity for my photos? Yes. Do I need 3 navy blue t-shirts of varying shades? No. I'm sure it will all sort itself out before we go. It has to because we are each only taking a rolling carry-on and a backpack.
Dan has ordered 2 different types of shoes in 2 sizes so that he can send back the pair(s) that do not fit. It is heart warming for me to see all of the worrying he is doing about this trip. Usually, he is so happy-go-lucky. And at least he is focusing on a very important part of our trip: shoes! I already have my 2 pair of Keen sandals and have been breaking them in on the hills of San Francisco. After the first walk about town I realized that they required no breaking in and felt like clouds on my feet from day 1. I <3 Keen!! Hopefully, Dan will find some foot ware that he adores, too.
I completed my first practice pack and managed to fit 14 complete outfits (including shoes and jewelry) into my bags. I don't need that many outfits because we will have access to laundry facilities for most of the trip. I pulled everything out of my bag and pulled out about 7 items. I think I am getting the hang of packing light. The key is to pack items that coordinate. My main color is navy blue. Everything in my bag goes with navy blue except the dress for Dan's grandma's 90th birthday party. I had to pack something nice for that, but Dan's mom is going to take it back to New Jersey with her and ship it to me later which means more room in my bag for trinkets I find in China and Thailand.
Inventory so far in my roller:
3 dresses
3 skirts
5 T-shirts
3 tank tops
4 pair shorts
2 long sleeve button downs
3 blouses
socks and unmentionables (love that word!)
2 pair of sandals
1 pair flip flops
1 pair ridiculously fabulous heels for party
3 pair earrings
2 necklaces
and more space for last minute additions!

In my backpack:
Travel book for Thailand
make up case
camera and charger
pair of shorts
extra unmentionables
all travel medicines (malaria pills, cippro, zithromax, advil, neosporin)

and surprisingly enough, more space for last minute items!

I think I might just be able to stick to the backpack and roller carry-on luggage. I had more stuff just to go to Pennsylvania for 3 weeks and I was staying with family. I think I've come a long way in my never ending quest to pack lighter.

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Travel Medicines

What is good for the goose is not good enough for the gander.

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90_June_2012_445.jpg In preparation for our trip, we both made an appointment with our doctors for advice, immunizations, etc. I had my appointment first and was expecting an easy, quick appointment since we had most of the vaccinations needed for travel. Boy, was I wrong. My doctor prescribed cippro for stomach issues that might result from eating foreign food and also Zithromax because it can be more effective in Asia for stomach problems. (She didn't explain why.) As she was talking to me, she ordered a polio booster and the nurse injected me as we were discussing/arguing over malaria pills. I had researched our areas of travel and they were all deemed safe by the CDC. My doctor insisted that they were absolutely necessary and I MUST take the malaria pills for my own safety. The appointment ended with an additional prescription for a Typhoid immunization. Five prescriptions/treatments later I was out the door. I immediately sent a text to Dan and told him that he had better schedule an appointment with his doctor because apparently we needed quite a few meds/immunizations.
Fast forward to Dan's appointment on Friday. Dan has his little visit and when I see him at home that night I ask him how it went. His doctor prescribed Cippro to take along on the trip. Ok. AND????? That was it. Pretty funny, right? Know what is even funnier? We have the same doctor.

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